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Product Name:LSXS-500--Photocatalysis Light Source

Model: LSXS-500

Supplier: Zolix


LSXS-500 Photocatalysis Light Source includes Xenon Light Source Housing, Xenon Light Source Power Supply,Xenon Bulb, Collimating Quartz Lens;

Photolysis of water into hydrogen, photodegradation of pollutants, various types of simulated sunlight visible acceleration experiments, various simulated sunlight ultraviolet accelerated test and other research fields

Large aperture high-quality UV quartz lens, improved light collection efficiency.
Using the back light mirror structure, improve the light collection efficiency furture
Built-in trigger, avoid passing pressure and power between the light source housing and power and take risk.
Color temperature up to 6000K, simulated sunlight.
Refrigeration dual fan air cycle refrigeration.


Light stability≤1%
Diameter of parallel diameter50mm
Bulb lifetime500hours
CoolingAir cooling



User can choose different accoesories ( for example: iris diagram, filter, Right Angle Adapter) according to different application. 

LHL50Q-F4Lens,f/4, 500W Xe Lamp,For parallel light gathering
LHL50Q-F7Lens,f/7,500W Xe Lamp,For parallel light gathering
LHF50Filter Holder,Install Square Filters,application for 500W Xe Lamp
LHI50Iris diagram,Max Aperture is 50mm,application for 500W Xe Lamp
LHZ50Right Angle Adapter,total reflection with Al coating,application for 500W Xe Lamp
LHC50-1Fiber coupling,SMA905 fiber terminal,application for 500W Xe Lamp

User can choose different accesories ( For example: iris diagram, filter, right angle adapter) according to different application. Please contact us freely )

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