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Product Name:Detector Responsivity Measurement System

Model: DSR100 Series

Supplier: Zolix

Detector Responsivity Measurement System

Photodetector is the sensor that could convert the optical radiation signal to the electrical signal, which is made from photoemission material. Most of the photodetectors have strong spectral selectivity in a certain Spectrum area. Therefore, for one photodetector, different wavelengths have different spectral responsivity. The spectral responsivity is an important parameter index for characterizing the photodetector performance.
And for the photoelectric material researching , the effect of some characteristics of the material itself such as doping density, lattice imperfection, absorption coefficient and minority carrier diffusion length on the photoelectric response capacity and the quantum efficiency could be obtained by measuring and analyzing the spectral responsivity data. That is very important and helpful for choosing better material and processing improvement.

DSR100 Detector Responsivity Measurement System

■ DUV detector
■ Solar cell detector
■ Optical fiber sensor
■ IR photoelectric sensor

System Specifications

Wavelength Range200~2500nm350~14­m
Light sourceUV enhanced Xenon light sourceTungsten-halogen lamp and siliconnitride light source
Repeatability*1200~450 nm≤ 2%-
450~1800nm≤ 1%≤ 1%
1.8~2.5 ­m≤ 2.5%≤ 1%
2~6 ­m-≤ 3%
6~14 ­m-≤ 5%
OpticalUV enhancedSilvering
Spot≤Φ1 mm≤Φ1 mm
*1. Repeatability data is provided when the peak wavelength signal intensity is closing to the saturation value of the detector, and there are different standard detectors to cover the different wavelength range.

Standard Reference Detector Accessories

ModelWavelength RangeCalibrated by
DSR-A1200~1100 nmNational Institute of Metrology, China
DSR-A7300~1100 nmNational Institute of Metrology, China
DSR-T1350~1000 nmNIST-traceable
DSR-T2800~1800 nmNIST-traceable
DSR-A2800~2500 nmXi 'an Institute of Applied Optics, China
DSR-A81~14 ­mXi 'an Institute of Applied Optics, China

System Size

Sample Test

Si Detector
Wavelength range: 200-2500nm
Wavelength spacing: 10nm
Bias voltage: 1V
Chopper frequency: 330 Hz

System Benefits

◆Wide wavelength range (200~14000 nm, optional), widely applicable
◆Turnkey system, Easy maintenance.
The system uses substitution method of measuring principle, which is designed into Turnkey mode. Users do not need to debug the system before experiments. Routine maintenance is also very simple.
◆CCD monitoring optical path for sample location. The detectors with very small area can be located precisely by the system.
◆perfect reflection optical design, optimization of spot quality
the perfect reflection optical system, you can get the quality parallel spot or much small convergency spot.

◆High stability light source, reducing the background noise.

◆Data export format supports third- party software.
DSR100 can save all original data, and the experimenter can save the data as the *.txt, *. *.xls* and so on. 

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